Sacrifice & The Power of the Deadline

Tobias Rose, Creative Director and Principle of Kompleks Creative agency, shares his story of sacrifice and triumph in his pursuit of becoming a successful creative entrepreneur. He also shares the tough lessons he learned along the way and the power of the deadline. Let’s listen in.

There were times, and there still are times, where my friends will say, “Hey. We’re going to this place to hang out”, and I can’t do it because I need to sit in my office and work on a proposal so that I can get this job to feed my staff and make sure they get their money. This is the path that I decided to take, and I can’t say that I would do it any other way. Through all the screw ups, through all the good times, the bad times, I think that’s something that me personally, I needed, is something that challenges me and I love it. – Tobias Rose


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