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We sat down with local news channel Raleigh & Company to discuss how, as a small marketing agency of 7 employees with a focus on Design Contests, Creative Allies® lands the big gigs like Gilmore Girls, Twenty One Pilots, and other household name brands. As a start-up based in Raleigh, NC Creative Allies® has quickly become expert in marketing industry-leading brands— but what about marketing ourselves?

design contests gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls Design Contest hosted by Creative Allies launched Nov. 17th, offering 3 prizes up to $1,000 to artists and fans

In the article we discuss how we’ve created a mutually-benefitical process for designer crowdsourcing— creating design contests that offer one-of-a-kind benefits to designers, our clients, and us.

Our main goal at Creative® is to fuel fan engagement through crowdsourced design contests and create promotional materials for some of the most recognizable bands and brands in the world. But behind it all comes our designers. Boasting clients like Dr. Dre, Maroon 5 and Arizona Iced Tea, we present opportunities for designers to work with their favorite bands (and brands)— gig otherwise wouldn’t easily be able to secure.

Campaign Manager Phil Chamberlin lives on both sides of the fence, assisting in company marketing while also performing as a full-time drummer for metal band To Speak of Wolves. “Why I think it’s so neat … you get the job based on your ability. It’s not based on who you know. It’s literally just, are you good enough to capture what the client is looking for?”

While our global community of designers has reached 125,000 members, we have recently begun focusing on marketing Creatives Allies itself, not just its clients.

design contests gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls Design Contest submission by BAGOSEMMAN

“We’ve certainly focused on promoting our clients and our partnerships with these amazing artists and brands,” Director of Corporate Marketing Jackie Ferguson said, “but we haven’t until recently sat down and said, ‘We have this great marketing firm, but let’s market ourselves.’”

We want to eliminate the misconception surrounding design contests within the creative community. The Creative Allies design model works to create fun (and ordinarily unattainable opportunities) for designers of all experience levels to help artists gain recognition, compensation for their work, and develop their portfolio and skills even when they don’t “win”.

On the flip side, our clients gain social engagement, great art, and plenty of options to choose from to meet their needs while remaining within (to many’s suprise) restrictive industry budgets. “Basically we act as the connector for world class designers to get noticed and link them with iconic bands and brands, and everybody wins,” says Creative Allies CEO Donald Thompson.

Read the full article on Raleigh & Company’s Website, here.

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