How to Become A Creative Genius {Again}

Don Thompson, CEO of Creative Allies sits down with Carl Nordgren, author of How to Become a Creative Genius {Again} for an extended conversation about reclaiming your creative genius. In Part 1 of the series, Carl shares meaningful tips and tricks that we can use to grow our creative capacities and develop our entrepreneurial instinct.

In the final installment of the two part series Don and Carl discuss how to overcome creative road blocks and the power of dreaming big. Carl shares how by simply being bold and acting intentionally can lead to success as a creative entrepreneur.

When you watch a four year old approach a challenge or a problem, they don’t sit back and create a plan. They don’t sit back and strategize about how I’m going to go about that thing that’s in front of me. They just get started. They reach out to it, and they touch it, and they turn it, and when it doesn’t work, they don’t say, “That was a failure.” They just keep trying new things, and now they’re a whole lot smarter. Each time they try something that doesn’t work, they’re a whole lot smarter about what will work.

Bring that attitude to making your way as a creative professional. Get started, learn, iterate, and just keep on going because we need your talent. We need to become the most creative and entrepreneurial people the world has ever seen, and with the talent that you all have got, we need you to be expressing it every way that you possibly can. – Carl Norgren

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